Welcome to MALÉNA WORLD, your favourite and biggest web source for all the things related to Armenian singer and song writter MALÉNA. You might known Maléna for winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 with her song Qami Qami. In this world you will find news, events, concerts... and all kind of information related to the artist. Be sure to CONTACT US if you find any information missing. Thank you for visiting this website and really hope to have you back so soon!
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Oct 01 2022

Hello everyone!

Be welcomed to MALÉNA WORLD, your favourite and biggest web source for all the things related to Armenian singer and song writter MALÉNA.

We have been months working on this new project that has really be so challenged for us.

Since Maléna became the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year, her fame has increased specially around all Europe, and we thought it was so necessary to build this website, so fans from different places could know a little bit more about her and her latest projects.

This website is of course dedicated for Maléna, but is a fanpage run by fans and for fans, so we really hope we can build this project together.

We will be improving this fansite, with new labels and photos the next days so you can find whatever you need. We are also so opened to your oppinions and suggestions, a new point of viewing is always so welcomed so feel free to contact us to send us your ideas.

We want to thank Flaunt Network for hosting the website and Estrella Design not only for her wordpress theme and her amazing talent. Also wanted to thank you both for being ready to help in every moment when things weren’t turning as we wanted.

Finally our gallery theme was provided by Graph Galaxy and we are completely in love with it.

We are really happy with the results, and couldn’t be otherwise as we have had the most talented people working WITH us. A good team work can never fail.

Hope you like our website us much as we do. We are so happy for visiting us and don’t forget to return to this page soon as we are still uploading a million things during the next days. I am also sure we are going to have many new projects of Maléna in the near future and we will let you know about all of them.

You should know that this is an unofficial fansite and we are not related to Maléna or her team in anyway and we don’t have any contact with them, so if you need to contact them you can do it throug Maléna’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

And before you leave… would be great to listen what you think about the site.

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  • Helén says:

    This is officially the best website for Malena Fans. You came up with everything so cool and turned your idea into reality that I didn’t even expect it to be a whole web source. You’re just the best Malena fans I’ve ever seen. 🫶🏼❤️‍🔥🫀

    • admin says:

      Helen ❤️ Thank you always for your support sweetheart. There is still so much work to do but we are so motivated to continue improving on this new project. Hope we can build a great space for all the fans.

  • Nela❤️ says:


  • Tamta says:

    so good❤️

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