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JESC 2022, a month left
Nov 11 2022

Countdown to Junior Eurovision 2022 begins

Today an event has taken place in Yerevan where Maléna with the new representative of Armenia, Nare Ghazaryan, have turned back the clock for the event we are all waiting for.

The official countdown has already begin and the magic is already spinning in Europe, specially on Armenia, where the event will take place next december 11. The event was celebrated at 12:00 am (Armenian time) next to the monument that contains the “Key of Yerevan”.

Tigran Avinyan, the mayor deputy of Yerevan, has thanked Maléna for bringing the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and it’s magic to the country.

Check all pictures from the event

Only one month left for JESC 2022, what do we know by now?

16 countries will take place in this competition:

ALBANIA: Kejtlin Gjata will sing Pakëz Diell

Kejtlin Gjata is a 11 year old who enjoys the music of Adele, Paloma Faith, and Josh Groban, and her most favourite sportsperson is the inspirational surfer Bethany Hamilton. 

This singer’s dream is to travel the world and meet as many people as possible – and taking part in Junior Eurovision will help her to do just that!

ARMENIA: Nare Ghazaryan will be the armenian participant.

During the event today, her delegation confirmed that we will be able to listen to her song tomorrow at 12:00. Maléna World had the chance of watching some BTS from her clip, and it really looks amazing. We are impatiently waiting for her song tomorrow.

FRANCE: Lissandro will sing Oh Maman!

This 13 year old boy sings in 5 languages, is a professional cartoon dubber, and has a love of all things rock and pop, from Elvis Presley, to the American crooners, through to Bruno Mars.

Being on stage is the best way for this jack of all trades to share his passion for singing, and he describes Junior Eurovision as the ‘adventure of a lifetime’.

GEORGIA: Mariam Bigvava sings I BELIEVE

Mariam has been singing since she was very little and it’s long been her ambition to represent Georgia on the Junior Eurovision stage.

Since the age of 7 she has been mastering folk songs and traditional instruments, as she relishes the challenge of learning new music.

IRELAND: Sophie Lennon sings Solas

This 13 year old already has a good deal of stage experience under her belt, having played Young Fiona in Shrek: The Musical (Belfast) and winning BBC School Soloist of the Year 2022

ITALY: Chanel Dilecta sings Bla bla bla

Chanel’s studied singing and ballet since the age of 4, along with the piano, modern dance and stage art; all of which has come in handy when competing in international competitions such as TMF (Tour Music Fest) 2021, the Italian Performer Cup (2021) and The Coach Contest.

Chanel’s favourite things are: good music, books, Eurovision, Harry Styles, and baby animals. Who could argue with that?

KAZAKHSTAN: David Charlin sings Jer-Ana (Mother Earth)

The young performer won the televised talent competition Baqytty Bala; the chance to represent Kazakhstan at Junior Eurovision was his reward.

This is great news for David, as competing in Yerevan combines his three favourite things: singing, dancing, and travelling.

MALTA: Gaia Gambuzza sings Diamonds in the skies

This 13 year old started attending sessions at a local performing arts school at the age of 4, which is where she discovered her love of singing. 

In the future Gaia would like to juggle being a professional vocalist while studying to be a speech-language pathologist – as she’s fascinated by the subject.

NETHERLANDS: Luna sings La festa

Last year the 12 year old girl took part in The Voice Kids, which was great practice for the Junior Songfestival, which she won, achieving a maximum score from all the juries!

At the age of 7 she began to audition for musicals, and participated in regional and national song contests.

NORTH MACEDONIA: Lara feat. Jovan & Irina sings Životot E Pred Mene

Lara’s an accomplished violinist and has taken part in many competitions and shows, which is how she got to know her friend Irina.

Irina loves playing the piano and is a member of the Piccolo Children’s Choir, which recently had the chance to perform with the country’s Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jovan shares Lara and Irina’s passion for performance, and has a number of awards and titles to his name, including runner-up at the Hip-Hop World Cup in 2018!

POLAND: Laura sings To the moon

Laura Bączkiewic

Last year, the young popstar took part in the Polish edition of The Voice Kids, reaching the final nine stages of the competition.

When she isn’t singing or tending to her furry friends, she enjoys watching cover versions on YouTube, and following her favourite artists: Adele, Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Duncan Laurence, and Poland’s previous Junior Eurovision participant Sara James.

PORTUGAL: Nicolas Alves sings Anos 70

The young rockstar found success on The Voice Kids in Portugal, gaining notoriety for his version of The Four Season’s Beggin’ – a song recently popularised by Eurovision winners Måneskin. 

Amongst his favourite artists are Queen and Elvis Presley – so he should get on well with France’s Lissandro, who has similar tastes!

SERBIA: Katarina Savić sings Svet Bez Granica

The 13 year old was discovered after an open call for song submissions earlier in the year, and will follow in the footsteps of Jovana & Dunja who performed Oči Deteta for Serbia in Paris last year.

Katarina’s favourite artists are BTS, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles.

SPAIN: Carlos Higes sings Señorita

The 11 year old was picked from a total of 95 hopeful applicants, describes his participation in Junior Eurovision as ‘a dream come true.’

Carlos is a pop connoisseur, citing his inspirations as Justin Bieber, Sebastián Yatra, Blas Cantó, and, of course, Spain’s 2022 Eurovision participant, Chanel.

UKRAINE: Zlata Dziunka sings Nezlamna (Unbreakable)

14 year old Zlata has already performed at an impressive number of international festivals, including Prague Art Festival (Czech Republic), Zvaigzdziu Sonata 2022 (Lithuania), and Vistula Sounds 2022 (Poland).

The young singer plays the ukulele, and practices singing in different styles such as blues, soul, and jazz.

UNITED KINGDOM: Freya Skye sings Lose My Head

United kingdom returns to JESC after 17 year absence from the junior contest.

Freya developed a love of singing after receiving a karaoke machine as a present when she was 5.

During lockdown, the singer-songwriter took the opportunity to release her debut single and write more songs, including I Love The Way, which featured on BBC Introducing. 

As we see there are many teens taking part this year on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Is the junior contest losin it’s essence or just evolutioning to the actual musical taste?

Seems the audience favourite countries to win this next edition are UK, Netherlands, France and Spain. Which is your favourit song this year?


Thank you @escxarmenia for the info

The way jesc 2022 will be the first overall Eurovision Event where finally after Covid the whole Arena will be used >>> (As of in Eurovision 2021 & 2022 the greenroom was connected straight with the stage/ and JESC 2021 just half of the Arena)

The Opening Ceremony will take place on Monday 5 December at the Central Republic Square of Armenia, where the 16 Junior participants will turn on the Christmas tree lights.

One of the biggest Christmas trees in the world will light up earlier this year for JESC 2022 guests Because Christmas in Armenia is in 6 of January they always decorate their Christmas tree in 20 of December And keep it until 14 of January

Our 2021 champion Maléna will join the Junior acts throughout their time in Armenia and perform a new song at the show.

Tickets for Junior Eurovision 2022 are expected to go on sale in November.

There will be 3 Hosts hosting the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Yerevan. Hint: All ofthose 3 participated already at the Eurovision or Junior Eurovision for Armenia.

All 19 Junior Eurovision Song Contest Winners will perform as a Interval Act during the Show in the Karen Demirchyan Complex Sports Arena.

Jury & Online Voting to remain the same as the previous years.

This year “The common song”, which participants usually perform together after all performances are completed, will be celebrated during the opening of this year’s competition.:

Ticket sales will be carried out online and will be segmented (by zones): The cost of tickets for the main show will vary from 5000 to 30,000 thousand in drams:

The day before the main show, the Jury Show will be held, which is broadcast to the jury of all participating countries:

Tickets for the jury show can also be purchased separately:

The costs oforganizing JESC 2022 will be around 13 million euros. THE BIGGESTIN HISTORY! This figure would be close to the expenses of a senior festival like Oslo 2010 or Malmö 2013. Jonior Eurovision SONG CONTEST YEREVAN 2022

As the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is returning for its 20th spin around the sun – a never-ending whirl bringing joy and fun to young people – AMPTV have chosen the slogan “Spin The Magic” for the event. The accompanying artwork which will feature throughout the show, and on the Contest’s digital platforms, features an internationally recognized toy: the spinning top. This particular variety of spinning top is unique in Armenian culture; featuring traditional patterns that appear on historical architecture, carpets, and costumes across the Host City of Yerevan. These old-school wooden toys have been given a neon twist – quite literally – to reflect a modern Armenia.(add under it that vid from arm public where is Malena and kids or that logo from anna ohanyan’s insta page)

Exclusive: Check out the sneak peek of the Junior Eurovision 2022 stage Armenian broadcaster AMPTV has revealed a set of renders of the stage our 16 participants will take to on Sunday 11 December. The stage is a creative visual representation of the official artwork. The centre stage is the spinning top surrounded by strings of light that represent the ‘spinning’. These colourful strings are also reflected above the stage and radiate the energy from every single performance. While being minimalist, yet technologically advanced, the stage design offers multiple staging possibilities for all of the performers.(pics from the stage under it…again u can find it Anna ohanyan’s page

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