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JESC-The Special Week
Dec 08 2022

We knew this was going to be a very spacial week, but I honestly couldn’t expect than many surprises. Lets have a look to what we have been able to see till now and what is still waiting for us.


We could see Maléna on the Red Carpet on the Opening Ceremony of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which is taking place on Armenia this year.

Maléna chosed the MotoMami dress Seventy V Three, designed by Varditer Muradyan.

After a little interview, the winners from the previous years of JESC were reunited for singing their which was really emotional. Maléna sang the hit who made her win the competition last year, Qami Qami.

6th December: SURPRISE TOUR

The organization of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest this year prepared a surprise tour for all the participants this year. Between many other surprises, Maléna appeared unexpectedly and could spend some time with participants. The artist also sang Qami Qami with the dancers (Dinara, Elen, Karen and Aram).

8th December:

We have just know about that the Spin the Magic song will premiers today at 16:00 (armenian time). The song, will be sung next weekend on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest but today a studio version will be released, which is going to be sung by Maléna.

The clip was filmed less than 2 weeks ago, on 27 the november if we are not wrong, and all the team stayed till more than 2:30 finishing the work.


Who says I can’t
Reach the skyline with my hand,
Grab a star and give it to you.

Be my heart, Be my soul
Be my friend, when I am low…
Be the light to get me through

I’m not afraid to fall
Cause that’s how you get strong
There’s nothing in this world
That can stop me now

I’m flying high tonight
With you right by my side
We’re racing through the sky
to the spotlight, yeah

I know
Better days are coming, they’re close
even though they move a bit slow.
Let’s create a world with
no pain, no hate, no tears, (Hey!)

We can be wizards, we can be kings,
We can be heroes, we can be queens.
Give me your hand,
Get ready to glow
Cause It’s time to start the show

Spin the magic
No more feeling blue, let’s
Make our dreams come true
Make our dreams come true

Spin the magic
No more feeling blue, let’s
Make our dreams come true
Make our dreams come true

9th December:

Maléna’s appointment as UNICEF National Ambassador in Armenia. We honestly can’t give you more details as this is all we know about it until now. Let’s wait for tomorrow to meet all the details.

10th December:

The Jury Show will take place and all contestant will be singing their songs. The jury will give their points to each of them. Which participant will be their fav?

Many of you have asked if we will be able to watch it live. I bet we won’t, or at least I haven’t been able to find the way to do it yet. But don’t worry, Maléna World has some good friends that will be there recording every detail related to Maléna.

On the other hand, and right after the Jury Show takes place… We will be able to watch Maléna on Erg Ergots special Eurovision program. Our favourit artist will be singing Erazanq. We will also listen to Qami Qami, but this time will be sung by Anahit Hakobyan.

11th December:

The Special day has finally arrived. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will take place on Yerevan and we will met the new winner of the European contest.

We will see Maléna reunited with all winners of previous years who have been able to be on the capital of Armenia for this special date. We’ll listen to the winner’s mendley and i’m sure lot of memories will surface with it.

The organization also confirmed that Maléna and Rosa Linn as interval acts. Maléna will hit the stage with her new single “Can’t feel anything”, lyrics written by herself and Rosa Linn. The songwriter is David Badalyan (tokionine), who is Malénas producer.

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