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The Europe Tour is almost here!
Mar 07 2023

The international women’s day is almost here and for celebrating this special day, Positive Platform has organized an Europe Tour with Maléna, Aram MP3 and David Greg. The concerts, that will take place during next weekend, will take place in three European countries: Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

As we can see on the images below, the concerts will include also an after party with different artists. We watched recently a video of Maléna and Aram, to promote these events. Why they were together? Will there be any duet between them?

On the other hand we have been watching the organization promoting different videos and songs of Maléna, “Why” included. Does that mean that we will finally listen to this amazing song live?

For the moment, all details remain unknown but we wil be able to find the answers to all these questions in just some few days. What is sure is that the party, the good music and the good atmosphere are guaranteed, and we will enjoy all three events.

So for all people interested on attending any of these events remember you can already buy tickets.

📆 March 10
📍Netherlands, Zetten 🇳🇱
Tel. +31684462671

📆 March 11
📍 Belgia, Bruxelles 🇧🇪
Tel. +32488696214

📆 March 12
📍 Germany, Hamburg 🇩🇪
Tel. +491702418954

Many of you have asked us through our social media pages if there are going to be other countries added to this tour and the answer, sadly, is that they are not. This time there will be only three honored cities on the list and fans living in other countries will need to wait a bit more to see Maléna on the stage (on a Eurovision party maybe?).

As soon as we have any new related to Maléna’s futures concerts or projects, we will publish them on our sites, so be sure to follow them all if you aren’t doing it yet:

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