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The Certificate of Apreciation of Armenian Oublic Tv
Mar 06 2023

The Armenian Public TV has celebrated a private event today. Maléna with some other members of the “Maléna team” has attended the event.

Armenian Public TV wanted to appreciate the work made by its workers and invited artists on the last Junior Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Yerevan last december.

Sevak Hakobyan has been this date’s host and Hovhannes Movsisyan was the one in charge of giving the certifications.

Maléna, wearing pink with a tie of the same color, has also been given this certificate.

We saw Maléna maintaining a full schedule during the month of december, getting ready her JESC performances so we can just can’t say other thing that WELL DESERVED. We feel so proud of every step she is giving.

Volunteers that took part on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 will also be given the certificate for the labour they made today at 17:00.

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