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Save The Date! – DATE UPDATED
Jun 30 2023

We’ve been waiting long but good things is worth waiting for. And this is good, so good.

Maléna announced yesterday a new date for a concert in Armenia. We haven’t seen our favourite artist live since her last Europe Tour last March. Maléna likes to take her time getting carefully ready all her projects and taking care of every detail. As it’s says… Better quality than quantity.

There are a lot of good news coming for the fans of Maléna as she is involved in many projects. We could also see yesterday that she is working with Idram Junior again even if it hasn’t been disclosed what this project is exactly about. But we will talk about this in the near future when more information about it is released.

We are here today for talking about the new concert announced yesterday. Those living in Masis and near places are the lucky ones this time as the concert will take place next 3rd of July 24th of July in Masis Francophonie Park. The entrance to the concert will be free and no tickets will be needed so be sure to SAVE THE DATE!!

If you live far away from Masis or you simply can’t go to the concert there is nothing to worry about. Maléna World will be there one more time supporting our loved star so be sure to follow all our social media sources to not miss out any detail.

As the date has been changed for organization’s personal problems, we won’t be able this time to assist to the concert, but we will be following it through our social media pages:

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