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Maléna as a jury member (JESC 2023)
Aug 07 2023

We saw through Instagram stories on August 4 that Maléna was part of the jury to choose the new representative of Armenia for the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

TThe Armenian Public TV decided to keep the suspense going for some few days but we do have some news now about what is going on.

The armenian jury, who is now searching for armenia’s 3rd victory on the competition after Maléna’s and Vladimir Arzumanyan’s victories, has been composed by:
– Maléna – our beloved JESC 2021 winner
– tokionine – Music producer (as you might know he is also Maléna’s producer)
– David Tserunyan – Armenia’s Head of Delegation
– Anushik Ter-Ghukasyan – Head of music department in Armenian Public TV
– Sona Rubenyan – Singer
– Lilith Navasardyan – Songwriter (she co-wrote the Armenian entries for the JESC 2015, ESC 2016 and ESC 2017)

It’s not a secret that being the representative for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a dream for many kids who like singing. The Armenian delegation got 100 applications during the election process that took place between 4th of July and 23th of the same month. Some few kids were able to be in the next phase of the casting. The Armenian Public TV posted some photos of the contestants where we could see:

  • Narek
  • Anahit Harutyunyan
  • Leo Mkrtchyan
  • Sofia Garibyan
  • Yang Pop (Group formed by Nancy, Nane Andreasyan, Aida Sargsyan, Syuzi and Kamilla Davtyan)
  • Karine Megrabyan
  • Janna Nalgranyan
  • Nare Kerobyan
  • Nare Shagoyan
  • Arman Minasyan
  • Gagik Avetisyan
  • Albert Armenakyan
  • Hayk Avetisyan
  • Anahit Galstyan
  • Sati Sargsyan
  • Natalie Safaryan
  • Maga
  • Garnik Msryan

Maléna was for the first time a member of the jury. She admitted it wasn’t an easy work to do because of the high level and big charisma of the participants and was worried because of the kids. Maléna was on the same position as those kids are no long time ago and she also remembered who excited she was at that time. Maléna trust that they can find the kid who could bring Armenia’s 3rd victory on the competition as many kids proved their high abilities.

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