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Concert in Masis
Jul 24 2023

It was a long waiting but the concert day finally arrived.

We announced at the end of June through our Instagram that Maléna was going to be in Masis for a concert with Hayat Project. We also informed through this fan site that the date of the concert was changed due to some personal problems of the organization. So after almost a month waiting, we could see our favorite star on the back on a stage, and she always makes the wait worth it.

It was a so windy day and fans started arriving to Francophonie Boulevard some hours before the concert for taking the best place to enjoy the concert.

Maléna, dressed in lilac wearing pants from Zalx, started her concert singing Erazanq, a song originally sang by Arevik which can’t be missed on her concerts.

After it, Maléna invited her dancers to the stage to sing Can’t Feel Anything. Elen, Dinara, Mane and Riri from Amaras Dance Studio joined the artist with her powerful choreographies and their vibrant energy.

The third chosen song was Cheri Cheri Lady by Modern Talking. We had the chance of listening to Maléna’s version for the first time in Poland last year and she decided after to release a clip for this song. Maléna’s version went viral in some Asian countries and the clip has more than 10 million views on YouTube right now.

After Cheri Cheri Lady, her already mythic Qami Qami arrived. Keeping in mind that this is the song which brought her the Victory on Junior Eurovision Song Contest, couldn’t leave Masis without singing it.

And right before to finish the concert, a big surprise arrived as Maléna sang Dance the Night by Dua Lipa which is part of Barbie, the film. She sang it for the first time live, which makes this concert a little bit more special.

If you weren’t able to be on the concert don’t worry. Maléna World is always thinking on you so here you have the full concert.

Right after the concert, many fans approached to Maléna trying to hug their favorite artist. Maléna had some little problems getting to her car, but also stayed some minutes making photos with all her followersand exchanging some short conversations with them. She got in the car and got out of it several times making sure all her fans could get their desired photo.

Thanks so much Mane and Hermine for sharing some of the videos you took of the concerts with us.

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