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Concert in Karapi Lich
Aug 01 2023

After Maléna’s concert in Masis, we could saw through stories that Maléna’s dancers were getting ready for something new related to her, as we could see not only her choreographies, but also a dance for her new song Flashing Lights. Dancers’ rehearsals continued during the last days of July and rumors started circulating between fans. It was obviously something going on, they seemed to be getting ready for a new concert, or an event maybe, but there were too many questions without an answer yet:

What was really going on? When will the event/concert take place? Was it going to be a private appearance or would her fans have the chance of attending it?

Questions were slowly going to get answers as dancers, Elen, Riri, Gaia and Mane, posted some stories rehearsing on the place were the event was going to take place, Karapi Lich, and Amaras Dance Studio posted the date and time where the concert was going to take place.

Maléna World didn’t doubt it. As soon as we knew about it, we planned to go. We also called our friend Erika from Era Photography to ask her to come and take some fantastic photos of it. She immediately said yes so we arrived the place soon, really soon. We went to eat something and just after that, oh oh… panic attack!! We started listening to Maléna’s songs so, we approached the place to check if she was making a soundcheck. Spoiler: she wasn’t. We got there and the dancers were making the last rehearsal making sure every detail was under control, and it was!

Didn’t take us too much to feel something wasn’t right enough. We were on the place but we were watching dancers from the back, and we couldn’t access the other part of the place to watch them from the front. Second panic attack started. We saw a security man and asked him about it. Bad news, we could only go to the other side to watch the concert from the front with some passes that weren’t even on sale.

Our brains started glitching for a moment. Anyway, the Mafia never gives up and we started to think about any solution for being there. Thought and done! We were the luckiest ever. I guess it’s true that “when you want something, the whole universe conspires so you can get it“. We found some beautiful souls who kindly gave us their passes so we could be there.

So, we couldn’t believe it, but we were in! Maléna’s concert began. Watch here the full concert if you haven’t done yet:

Sos Janibekyan and Diana Malenko introduced Maléna, who joined the stage with her dancers Mane, Riri, Gaia and Elen from Amaras Dance Studio. The lights were off and all five of them took the right position for the show begin. The music began to play and Maléna started with her choreography. Big dark glasses and kind of “psycho” movements which I honestly loved so much. It was a new intro for Flashing Lights, her latest song with great lights effect creating an awesome environment. Dancers joined Maléna’s movements soon and there was Maléna, singing for the first time live her new single, and there were we, feeling amazingly proud of her.

Can’t Feel Anything followed to Flashing Lights. Maléna released this song on Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Yerevan. Chem Haskanum was the third song but the artist was keeping a surprise. This song was released by Maléna and the well-known artist Kristina Si in 2021, before Maléna could take part on JESC 2021 in Paris. The song immediately went viral in Armenia, so some few months after they decided to record a second version of the song. Both artists did sing this new version before but we honestly couldn’t listen to the full version of it. So the day came when we least expected it and Maléna surprised us singing this new version, what made us the happiest ever.

Cheri Cheri Lady came afterwards. As you might know, this song went viral in some Asian countries and even the official account of Miss World Vietnam has constantly used the song for creating videos for social media. This song was originally sang by Modern Talking and Maléna’s clip of the song has more than 10 million views at this moment.

Time for Erazanq arrived, originally sang by Arevik. This song has become a must-sing song on Maléna’s concerts. And finally, as it couldn’t be other way, was the turn for Qami Qami. All crowd started singing and dancing the song that brought the victory to the country in Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. As you might see on the full concert video on our YouTube Channel, we had a little incident recording this last part of the concert as one of the phones run out of battery, but the problem wasn’t major as we are crazy enough to record the full concert with two phones!

So the concert finished, which I think is my favorite concert till the date and we were there feeling euphoric. We saw Anna, Maléna’s mom, and we figured it out were Maléna was. We didn’t ask Anna about it as we didn’t want to bother her but we immediately found Maléna taking photos with some fans. We approached her and had the chance of hugging her and taking a photo with her. We left the place after in plethoric mood with all emotions fighting inside us on one of the most special nights ever.

Check our gallery if you don’t wanna miss a detail of the fantastic night:

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