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Maléna, whose real name is Arpine Martoyan, was born in Armenia on 10th January of 2007. She is known professionally as Maléna and is a 16 year old singer and songwritter. She is known for representing Armenia in the Junior Eurovisión Song Contest 2021 with her song “Qami Qami”, and went on to win the competition becoming Armenian’s second winning in this category.


Maléna was born in Yerevan on 10 January 2007, and she was raised by her mother Anna Manucharyan, who is an Armenian well known actress. Maléna had the chance of appearing with her mother in some episodes of Stone Cage even if it’s not the only tv show she participated, as she was also chosen to be part of “Chlidren of Orchestra” elenco.

Did you know Maléna at first didn’t liked to be on TV but she decided to filmher first projecto so she could buy the bycicle she wanted?


Maléna has always dreamt about having the chance of participating in EUROVISIÓN so she started working on her goal so young.

She first attempted to represent Armenia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2018, taking part in the national selection Depi Mankakan Evratesil with the song “Par” under the name Arpi, placing 8th in the semi-final.

Since 2020, Maléna has been collaborating with TKN Entertainment, a Yerevan-based record label owned by Tokionine. She was set to represent Armenia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with the song “Why“, but the country withdrew from the contest due to the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war.

She was again selected the following year to represent Armenia in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Paris, France with the song “Qami Qami” (“Wind, Wind” in Armenian). The song, described as “space-pop”, was composed by Tokionine and was written by Vahram Petrosyan, Tokionine, David Tserunyan and Maléna herself.

I’d never think that I’d be writing lyrics that one day would be shared with such a big audience. It’s such a huge honor. The song is about finding yourself and finding a way to keep going. Don’t you ever think of falling down again…always be true to who you are.


Maléna won the contest with her “Qami Qami” son with 224 points, becoming the second Armenian entrant to win the competition, first being in 2010. The official video, has already been watched more than 10 times. Following her win, Public Television Company of Armenia (AMPTV) announced about hosting Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Armenia and we will know soon which is going to be Maléna’s role on this next edition that will be celebrated on December 11th.

In May 2022, Maléna made an appearance during the first semi-final of Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy, announcing Yerevan as the host city for the 20th edition of Junior Eurovision.