Welcome to MALÉNA WORLD, your favourite and biggest web source for all the things related to Armenian singer and song writter MALÉNA. You might known Maléna for winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 with her song Qami Qami. In this world you will find news, events, concerts... and all kind of information related to the artist. Be sure to CONTACT US if you find any information missing. Thank you for visiting this website and really hope to have you back so soon!
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JESC 2022, a month left
Nov 11 2022
Countdown to Junior Eurovision 2022 begins Today an event has taken place in Yerevan where Maléna with the new representative of Armenia, Nare Ghazaryan, have turned back the clock for the event we are all waiting for. The official countdown has already begin and the magic is already spinning in Europe, specially on...
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Cheri, Cheri Lady
Oct 23 2022
THE WAIT HAD FINALLY END!! We have been waiting so long for watching a new videoclip of Maléna and she has finally launched a new one today. Since the 15 year old artist won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year we haven't seen any new videoclip, even we could listen to some covers in her concerts and the remix...
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“UPSHIFT” in Gavar with...
Oct 18 2022
"UPSHIFT" In the Gavar with the participation of Maléna, who won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest (photo report) In the building of the State Drama Theater named after Levon Kalantar in Gavar was summed up the results of the community involvement program in the development of adolescents "UPSHIFT Gavar" Recall...
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JESC 2022 – The Search For Vo...
Oct 02 2022
The new many of us were waiting for has already arrived! The Armenian Public Television and the Armenian national broadcaster has already started the search for volunteers to assist the organizers and members from the participants delegations. Those interested in applying must read carefully the requirements before...
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Oct 01 2022
Hello everyone! Be welcomed to MALÉNA WORLD, your favourite and biggest web source for all the things related to Armenian singer and song writter MALÉNA. We have been months working on this new project that has really be so challenged for us. Since Maléna became the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest...
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