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Cheri, Cheri Lady
Oct 23 2022


We have been waiting so long for watching a new videoclip of Maléna and she has finally launched a new one today. Since the 15 year old artist won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year we haven’t seen any new videoclip, even we could listen to some covers in her concerts and the remix version of her song “Qami Qami”.

The popularity of Maléna increased a lot after her victory, specially in Armenia, her country. As her fandome has grown up than fast, the anxiety for listening for her next songs has also increase. The artist herself published a story this summer while she was studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston asking for a little bit of patience as they needed to be sure the result of her new projects were absolutely as perfect as she and her team envisioned it.

JESC 2022 is comming so we could at the end expect that she was about to release new projects soon but there wasn’t any official date. Maléna surprised yesterday her more than 174K followers on Instagram deleting all her posts on Instagram. After deleting them she inmediatelly uploaded a photo of the studio showing a computer with a photo of her latest project under the description of “23.10 FINALLY”. The fandom inmediately became crazy with the news. The armenian artist also changed the biography of her Instagram profile, even deleting the direct link to her official website, and only wrote “23.10”.

So since today we can watch her new videoclip. Maléna chose this time to cover “Cheri, Cheri Lady”, the only single from the second album of the German pop music duo Modern Talking called “Let’s talk about love”. The song was launched in 1985 and become a hit in different countries of Europe achieving the first position in several of them like in Austria, Sweden, Spain, Norway and of course their natal country, Germany, between many others.

Years after, the German duo recorded “Cheri, Cheri Lady ’98’ “, which was the fourth single of their seventh album called “Back for Good”.

Is not the first time we listen Maléna singing this song, as she also chose to cover it live at Europejski Stadion Kultury concert in June, surprising all her Polish fans.

This time she comes back with the studio version of the song, using modern sounds and taking advantage of her sweet but powerful voice, what gives to the song a renovated fresh. The song has been produced by tokionine, mixed by Ariel Chobaz and mastered by Chris Gehringer.

We can see on the description that for the first time, Maléna herself directed the videoclip with tokionine’s help. The clip has been sponsored by ArLeAM, Is not the first time the artist work with them as she has been collaborating with ArLeAM for the last months.

Be sure to watch the new videoclip on her official YouTube Channel:

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