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Idram Junior | Back To School
Aug 21 2023
As many of you have probably already seen, Maléna is the image of Idram Junior's latest commercial. We have lately seen the singer and Idram Junior collaborating together many times, especially during the last months as the artist has become the main image of the brand. On August 18th, only 3 days before this promotional...
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Maléna as a jury member (JESC 2023)
Aug 07 2023
We saw through Instagram stories on August 4 that Maléna was part of the jury to choose the new representative of Armenia for the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023. TThe Armenian Public TV decided to keep the suspense going for some few days but we do have some news now about what is going on. The armenian...
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Concert in Karapi Lich
Aug 01 2023
After Maléna's concert in Masis, we could saw through stories that Maléna's dancers were getting ready for something new related to her, as we could see not only her choreographies, but also a dance for her new song Flashing Lights. Dancers' rehearsals continued during the last days of July and rumors started circulating...
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Concert in Masis
Jul 24 2023
It was a long waiting but the concert day finally arrived. We announced at the end of June through our Instagram that Maléna was going to be in Masis for a concert with Hayat Project. We also informed through this fan site that the date of the concert was changed due to some personal problems of the organization. So after...
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Gamechangers: Girls for girls
Jul 23 2023
UNICEF was part in the closing ceremony of “Gamechangers. Girls for girls” which took place during 23rd and 24th July. The event, organized by the Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), and Gyumri and Vanadzor Technological centers brought together participants with girls between 12- and...
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Flashing Lights
Jul 15 2023
MALÉNA'S NEW SONG IS NOW OUT!! Flashing Lights, Maléna's latest song is now available in Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. There was a high expectation on this single as fans have waited for 7 months since Maléna's previous song, Can't Feel Anything, was released. The artist never disappoint her fans and she left...
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Save The Date! – DATE UPDATED
Jun 30 2023
We’ve been waiting long but good things is worth waiting for. And this is good, so good. Maléna announced yesterday a new date for a concert in Armenia. We haven’t seen our favourite artist live since her last Europe Tour last March. Maléna likes to take her time getting carefully ready all her projects and taking...
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The Europe Tour is almost here!
Mar 07 2023
The international women's day is almost here and for celebrating this special day, Positive Platform has organized an Europe Tour with Maléna, Aram MP3 and David Greg. The concerts, that will take place during next weekend, will take place in three European countries: Netherlands, Belgium and Germany....
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The Certificate of Apreciation of A...
Mar 06 2023
The Armenian Public TV has celebrated a private event today. Maléna with some other members of the "Maléna team" has attended the event. Armenian Public TV wanted to appreciate the work made by its workers and invited artists on the last Junior Eurovision Song Contest that took place in Yerevan last december. Sevak...
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JESC-The Special Week
Dec 08 2022
We knew this was going to be a very spacial week, but I honestly couldn't expect than many surprises. Lets have a look to what we have been able to see till now and what is still waiting for us. 5th December: OPENING CEREMONY We could see Maléna on the Red Carpet on the Opening Ceremony of the Junior Eurovision Song...
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