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Idram Junior | Back To School
Aug 21 2023

As many of you have probably already seen, Maléna is the image of Idram Junior’s latest commercial. We have lately seen the singer and Idram Junior collaborating together many times, especially during the last months as the artist has become the main image of the brand.

On August 18th, only 3 days before this promotional video was published, Maléna and Idram Junior organized a meeting with the fans of the artist (we posted a video of this event on Instagram), where the winners of the Idram Junior contest got a T-shirt with an illustration designed by Gayane Hakobyan from Gayane Illustrates for the occasion on it.

In this latest commercial, we can also see some other Armenian known artists, like Aram Aghbalyan who was one of the dancers who, with Maléna, won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2021, or Nare Ghazaryan who represented Armenia on the same competition just a year after, getting her country to the 2nd position of the contest.

It’s not a secret that Maléna, who always takes care of her image, has become a fashion icon in Armenia and the trendy schoolgirl look on the latest promotional video leaves no one indifferent. Wearing in denim with a black tie, white tights and a short shirt of the same color, the Armenian singer has hypnotized all her fans who have loved this “back to school” outfit, writing so positive comments on social media.

Armenian source Style News is echoed by Maléna’s look too, which has dedicated an article to it.

We have already uploaded some screenshoots and some photos from the backstage, so check our photo gallery here. Thank you always Fan Del Jesc for helping us finding amazing content for our website.

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